Raising salary for a Pastor

Cross Culture Christian Fellowship was founded in 2009 by a group of young adults and students who longed for a church where people from different cultures worship together. We have a great diversity of people from the pentecostal movement to catholics and orthodox.

We have a strong focus on fellowship and meaningful relationships. This has carried us throughout the years, where people like exchange students and other immigrants to Sweden have visited, contributed and become members in Cross Culture as well as native Swedes. Cross Culture has been lead and build by people sacrificing their free time, energy and money without any kind of compensation.

It is now time for us as a congregation to gather financial support to build a stable foundation for employment so we can move to the next level. As a congregation we hope to employ two halftime or one full time employee to serve our community. Cross Culture is in danger of falling apart due to lack of stability, financial support and human resources. Currently, our local community is too small to raise income for an employment by ourselves. That is why we need the support of our brothers and sisters in Christ globally.

By donating to Cross Culture, you are supporting the local multicultural community of Jesus followers, mission outreach and discipleship in Uppsala, Sweden.

Do you want to support ministry to both Swedes and Immigrants in Sweden, the most secular country in the world? Make a donation!

Have you been a part of Cross Culture as an international student and want Cross Culture to continue with its outreach so many other students can experience fellowship, brother- and sisterhood as you did? Make a donation!

Do you want to be part of giving Cross Culture a stable foundation by employing staff to build a stable community? Make a donation!

Do you want to become a monthly giver to this community? Make a donation and sign up to become a monthly supporter!

We hope you want to join us on our journey!

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Cross Culture Christian Fellowship


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IBAN: SE8980000838166934467306

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If you have a the Swedish payment system Swish then you can swish money to Cross Culture: 12 36 66 45 10

If you have a Swedish bankaccount then you can donate money by Bankgiro: 5302-3545