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Cross Culture is a community of people from all over the world, who are journeying together as we grow in faith and service to the Lord. We meet to celebrate Sunday service every week, and have regular gatherings to pray, enjoy life together, serve our fellow humans and much more. Everyone, regardless of your believes and your background, are welcome to join any of our activities.

English is our main language. In our community, we believe that diversity gives enrichment, that everyone is precious and has something to contribute with. We also encourage people to ask questions and give their viewpoints, and we are always available for prayer and discussion.

Cross Culture wants to be part of fulfilling the great commission of making disciples of all nations and teaching them to fully follow Jesus in their everyday lives. Our teaching is Bible based, evangelical Lutheran.

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What we do

Sunday Gathering

If you’re in the vicinity of Tunabergskyrkan at 14:00 on a Sunday – Cross Culture is about to start, do come and join us!

Service in many ways

The service is mainly in English and usually contain worship, preaching and communion. The worship songs is both in English and Swedish, occasionally in other languages too. After that we have fellowship with “fika” (smaller dinner). Fika is always free. There is also an informal time for questions and discussions.

Prayer and Worship

We gather every Friday at 18:00 in Tunabergskyrkan to pray and worship.

Prayer and Worship

We gather to know God and our fellow human beings in prayer, worship and mutual encouragement. If you are curious, skeptical, doubting, Christian or not… everyone is most welcome!


Being alone, bored or just searching? Whatever is not on your schedule we can fill some gaps. You'r very welcome to one of the many activites we arrange.

You can never get enough

We try occasionally to arrange social activities or events where you can grow a deeper connection to your brother or sister in faith. Real fun fellowship. But also to let the world hear and see the word of God. Check out our calendar or facebook page for updates.


Adress: Tunabergskyrkan, Tunagatan 29, 753 37 Uppsala, Sweden

Start at Uppsala Central Station, Area A2

Take the green bus number 8 towards Ärna

5 stops, travel time 11 min

Get off at Fjärdhundragatan

Walk towards Tunagatan 29 Uppsala

walk 102 m, walking time 1 min


Friday, 23 March 2018
Sunday, 25 March 2018
Friday, 30 March 2018
Sunday, 01 April 2018


Series – Relationship
Series – Prayer & Fasting
Series – Gospel of Matthew
Series – Growing in Christ
Series – Easter

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