Culture Night

Culture Night

12 September 2020

12 September 2020

What is Cross Culture?

Cross Culture is a multicultural Christian community in Uppsala. Our congregation of people from different backgrounds, ages, generations and ethnicities believes that diversity gives enrichment and that everyone is precious and has something to contribute with. We are a community from all over the world that is journeying together and encouraging one another to serve both God and our fellow humans through meaningful relationships. We believe that relationships between people from different cultures are important, especially in a multicultural city like Uppsala. Therefore, we see Culture Night as a unique opportunity to improve communication and interaction between people from different cultural backgrounds. Our program for the digital Culture Night this year will comprise a children’s program with music, song, dance and storytelling, a live broadcast of our podcast “Fika for life” as well as an international worship team that presents songs in the different languages spoken in our congregation. Warmly welcome to Cross Culture’s digital program!

This event aims to strengthen the communication between people from different cultural backgrounds.

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Kids pogram

I den här sändningen sjunger vi lovsång och visar berättelsen om Jesus och den lame mannen.

I den här sändningen sjunger några nya och några gamla låtar och visar berättelsen om David och Goliat.

Fika for life

Fika for Life is a podcast which started in November 2018. Pastor Edward Thomas and his friend Linh Nguyen have laid back talks about big and small questions in life with a great sense of humour and insight. 

Listen in to them broadcasting their first live episode with the opportunity to call in and be part of their conversation.