Our Goal

The goal of Cross Culture Christian Fellowship, (CCCF), is to promote the growth of the kingdom of Jesus the Messiah from an Evangelical Lutheran confession

Cross Culture Christian Fellowship will achieve this goal by the following:

  • by strengthening member’s personal faith in and commitment to Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and to deepen their love for the work of God,
  • by helping people to faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior,
  • by inspiring and equipping members in sharing their faith, using their gifts by participating in and serving the worshiping community and society at large, in order to facilitate the making of mature disciples of Jesus Christ within a multicultural community.

Our Vision

Cross Culture Christian Fellowship is one community of people from various backgrounds, ages, generations and ethnicities living as disciples of Jesus through meaningful relationships and serving God and our fellow humans.

Board members

Edward L. Thomas, III
Edward L. Thomas, IIISenior Pastor
I am married to Anette and the proud father of five adult children. I was born in California where I grew up and eventually became an Executive Chef making food for lots of famous people. One day, before our youngest daughter was born, God called me to move to Sweden and become a priest, preach the Gospel and start new worshipping communities. That was over 20 years ago. For the past 8 years I’ve been the senior priest/pastor for Cross Culture Christian Fellowship. On any given Sunday Worship Service, you might find me helping out with the Worship Team, preaching the sermon for that day, leading one of our prayers or just enjoying the service. It has been my pleasure to be a part of a multicultural and multigenerational community and I hope that Cross Culture and be a place where you can also grow in faith, service and your understanding of God’s calling in your life. You can always ask questions about the sermon, the Christian faith or anything else that is on your mind. There are not stupid questions here. I am also available for confidential counseling which is protected by the laws of the Kingdom of Sweden. So if you need prayer, someone to talk to or you just want to know more about Cross Culture then feel free to ask. We believe that our distinctive community has a unique role to contribute to the Christian community of Uppsala and we hope that you will help us in this endeavor. May you time here be a blessing to you.
My name is Hanne and I am the chairman of Cross Culture Christian Fellowship. I am currently a student of biology, writing my master’s thesis in the field of ageing. I have spent most of my life in a very secular world, far away from God. However, long story short, one day He grabbed hold of me, and although I tried I couldn’t resist the truth. I realised that I better let Jesus be Lord over my life. He allowed me to find Cross Culture shortly after my conversion, and the community showed me a new way of life, filled with love and commitment to the Lord and surrounded by the loving fellowship of brothers and sisters. My heart`s on fire for reaching people with the gospel, especially within my world of academia. Within Cross Culture I currently think it is important to work for the spiritual and personal growth of our members, through active service and involvement in the body of Christ. We all need each other, everyone is important. You are always welcome to ask me any question that´s on your mind.
SimonVice Chairman
Hello! My name is Simon, I come from the north of Sweden and I am vice chairman and also preach sometimes at CrossCulture. I study theology at Johannelunds School of Theology in Uppsala, and I have been working as an assistant nurse. I grew up in a christian context, but christianity did not make sense for me so I went my own ways. I still pondered a lot about life and the purpose of living, but it was a long period with struggles of what was really true. Eventually God came through in my life and I understood that the relationship with my Lord and creator was what I really was searhing for in my life. Short after I found my way to Uppsala to study at bibleschool. After a while I found CrossCulture and I really liked the services and the fellowship. What I like most is that in CrossCulture I felt welcome and I could be myself and seek to understand more of Jesus together with other people as a community. I think it is enriching for the congregation to be people from different countries and backgrounds and that we can learn from our different walks in life.
Hi, I’m Noelle from South Korea. I met this church a year ago, after I came to Sweden to study. It’s a good church, which doesn’t lie and has reasonable and vibrant people. Now they have become my closest friends.
My worldview has been changed since I started to believe in God when I was six, and year by year it becomes sweeter and deeper to get to know God. It is wonderful to have eternal hope and to know that my life has meaning.
Christianity is not irrational or illogical, like some might think. Rather, it’s highly sophisticated and super-natural, transcending above human knowledge. I’ve never seen something more excellent than this.
My passion is to approach Christ daily to know him more until the day I will see him face to face, and let people know the beauty of the radiance of Christ, him not as a god inside human heart, but as an absolute being who is out there.
I am married to my wonderful wife, Linh, and we have a beautiful daughter. I’m studying engineering and am involved in
Cross Culture. At our Sunday Worship Service you will often see me taking care of the projector. What attracts me to
Cross Culture is that I can feel that I make a change in this world by being a part of this community. The fellowship that
we have, is like nothing I’ve stumbled upon in any other church. As a treasurer I take care of the finances, which I enjoy
because of the counting and practical part of it. If you have questions about the webpage/accounting or the projector,
please feel free to ask me.
JamesVice Treasurer - Vice Secretary
Annie Mya LiBoard member

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